Mt Rosea/Bugiga-mirgani

The Indigenous name for Mt Rosea is Bugiga-mirgani

Hike 1 option

Start: Rosea car park
Distance: 9km return
Time: 3 hours Return

Hike 2 option

Start: Borough huts campground
Distance: 16km return
Time: 5.5 hours return

I’m very fortunate to be living so close to such a beautiful National Park – The Grampians.

The Grampians National Park is located about 3 1/3 hours northwest of Melbourne.

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However, I only live a 20-minute drive from Halls Gap, which is the central hub of the Grampians National Park.

Being a cool summers day, Tom and I decided to hike to Mt Rosea/Bugiga-mirgani.

Having done the more popular hikes in the Grampians like ‘The Pinnacle’ and ‘Boronia Peak’, I’ve never hike Mt Rosea before.

While the kids were away visiting family, we decided that we would take the opportunity to do a longer hike in the park.

There are a few options for hiking Mt Rosea. From the Rosea car park, just off Silverband road, or from Borough Huts Campground.

We chose to hike from the Rosea car park.

With snacks, water, and of course the camera we set off.

I also got to test out my new hiking gear.  If Kathmandu is going to have a sale, then I shall buy myself some new clothes for bushwalking.

All my previous hiking gear was too big.  That and I have a sensitivity to sunscreen.   I find that when the temperature outside reaches that of body temperature, any sunscreen I apply whether sensitive or hypo-allergic will cause me to break out in hives. So it’s much easier to wear UV protective gear than to suffer from hives and itching.  Hives on eczema yeah no fun at all.

There weren’t a lot of hikers out on the walk on this particular day.

Along the walk we saw many florae endemic to the Grampians, like the Grampians trigger plant.

We also saw the Grampians Gum, which kisses the mountain ledge.

Many lizards also crossed our path. They were; The Black Rock-Skink, the White’ skink, and the Jacky dragon.

Once we reached the top, although sunny there was a very fresh breeze, with clouds streaming over the Mt Rosea Summit.

The view of course being sublime.

The weather can change drastically from the top, so make sure you have the all safety gear.

2 thoughts on “Mt Rosea/Bugiga-mirgani”

  1. Terrific photos. I too love the Grampians, I’ve never heard of Mt. Rosea though, will have to check out on the map where it is. Loved climbing Mt. Abrupt, one of my favourite things I’ve done with like minded girls, not thinking we’d make it, but blitzing it!!


    1. I’ve lived here for 6 years, and really only now discovering how awesome it is where I live.
      Mt Rosea is beautiful. I plan on doing Mt Abrupt soon, as well as Mount Difficult one day soon too.

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