Finish – A Reminder

Learning to walk is hard.  You might not remember learning to do it but at some stage you did.  Your parents/guardians were properly ecstatic for you that you were learning this new feat.

You would have experienced lots of praise and smiles and excitement.


If you are a parent anything new that your child develops, you become excited for them.

You see we learn from an early age that our actions have consequences.  If we do something good, we get praise.  If we do something bad on the other hand, we get reprimanded (or yelled/growled at).

Which do we crave? That’s right the praise.

But as we get older we don’t as much praise.  We don’t get overly excited about achievements.  If anything we get harder on ourselves.  We expect or are expected more from ourselves.  We then end up focusing on the negatives rather than the positives. And those praises, smiles, and excitement don’t happen as often as they should.


When did we get so negative? 
Why do we get so negative?
What can we do to get rid of the negativity?

We have all experienced in some time of our lives a disappointment from someone that we respect greatly.  They could have said or done something to put you down, to make you feel worthless.

That seed of doubt gets planted in your mind, and it grows and grows into a dark cloud.


But guess what? You are worth it, and don’t let anyone else tell you or make you think otherwise.

You are awesome!

You are wonderful!

You are spectacular!

You are sensational!

Yes you reading this, you are all that and more! Yay, you!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what others think. What matters is that you are doing your best. You are giving it a go, and you are determined to finish what you started.

So be proud of the fact that you did it. It doesn’t matter if you come last.  You are one up on the person who is still on the couch and never started.

Just do your best, you know what your best is. And when you are finished, don’t focus on the “could have been’s”, celebrate that you finished. Because you deserve it.

Start making it a habit to get excited over the things you achieve.  You’ll feel better about it.

When was the last time you felt really good about finishing something?
Have you read the book “The Power of Habit”?
When was the last time you told yourself how awesome you are?

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