2024 One Word Intention: Navigate

As the dust settles on 2023, a year filled with unexpected twists and turns, I find myself drawn to a single, powerful word for 2024: Navigate.

It’s not just a word; it’s a map, a compass, a whispered promise of growth amidst the swirling currents of life.

Life isn’t a placid lake, it’s a wild river, and 2024 promises to be a year of rapids.

My daughter, Kayla, stands on the precipice of adulthood, her senior year a gateway to a world beyond our nest.

Miles, my adventurous son, enters the choppy waters of high school, carving his path.

And my dad, a pillar of strength, faces the relentless tide of Parkinson’s disease.

But amidst these currents, I choose not to fear. I choose to navigate. To paddle with purpose, to read the rapids, to find the hidden eddies of joy and calm.

Photo by Damon Hall

This “navigation” extends beyond the family. I yearn to rediscover my love for running.

I crave connections, and friendships forged in shared laughter and whispered secrets.

I long to find the sunshine glinting off the smallest dewdrop, the symphony hidden in the rustle of leaves.

Yes, perimenopause whispers its challenges, hormonal tides that ebb and flow. But even then, I will navigate. I will listen to my body, find solace in self-care, and embrace the wisdom that comes with change.

2024, I see you, a river untamed, and I raise my paddle. I will navigate your rapids with grace and grit, with laughter and tears, with a heart overflowing with love for family, friends, and myself. I will find the joy in the journey, the beauty in the unknown.

So, let the rapids come. I am ready to navigate.

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