Homeward Bound: Reflections on a Year of Unexpected Twists

My 2023 intention word for the year was “home”—a beacon of comfort and stability amidst the ever-shifting tides of life. 

I envisioned a year completing the build of not just our new house, but a haven of warmth and connection.

Little did I know the universe had other plans, far grander and more transformative than any SIP (structural insulated panels), could create.

Instead of hammering nails and picking paint swatches, I navigated a whirlwind of change. The managerial mantle landed on my shoulders, a challenge I embraced with trepidation and excitement. My husband, ever the creative soul, traded his design business for the dusty yet oddly satisfying world of a brick factory. It wasn’t the path we’d envisioned, but seeing the joy in his eyes as he mastered the art of prestigious bricks was a balm to any preconceived notions.

The year wasn’t about polished achievements or conquered goals. There were no trophies on the shelf, no medals clinking in my pocket. Instead, there was a quiet, introspective journey inward. Perimenopause, with its hormonal rollercoaster and whispered anxieties, became my unexpected co-pilot. It took me a long time for me to recognise the symptoms and to arm myself with the knowledge of what this next chapter of my life will be.

Work didn’t allow me to slow down, but I was forced to stop and listen to the whispers of my body and soul as they were crying out.

Instead, I allowed myself not to stop, but to place a pause things on the things that while I loved, were not helping with my mental load.

Enduring all that, I still managed to find a home. Not in the physical walls of a yet-to-be-built house, but in the resilience of my spirit, the unwavering support of my partner and family, and the newfound strength I discovered within myself.

I’ve learned to embrace the messy, unpredictable beauty of life, to find joy in the detours, and to trust that “home” isn’t a destination, but a journey we carry within.

So, as 2023 draws to a close, I stand here, not with the picture-perfect house I once envisioned, but with something far more valuable: a deeper understanding of myself, a heart brimming with gratitude, and a spirit that whispers, “Homeward bound, indeed.”

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