2021 One Word Intention: Adventure (the outcome)

My one-word theme for 2021 was Adventure.

Was I asking too much?

With two years of COVID, lockdowns, restrictions, some might say that you can’t go on adventures if you can’t go anywhere.

If COVID has taught us anything, it’s to be kind, be resourceful, and live life to the beat of your own drum.

While I couldn’t do many of the things I would have liked to have done, like travel, see family enter events, I still had a year of adventure.

My first big adventure was to run my first road (unofficial) marathon.

Inspired by the Choir Boys song Run to Paradise, I did just that and ran to Paradise. A locality 46km away from Stawell.

It was an adventure, and I look forward to popping my official marathon cherry in 2022, with Melbourne Marathon.

Over the course of the year, building materials and supplies have been slowly coming in. From windows to struts, to SIPs.

On the 8th of December 2021, we came in like a wrecking ball and demolished the house.

The house has been the house that I lived the longest in.

Moving in when Kayla was just 10 years old, it was demolished 15 years later.

While I feel sad that it’s gone, it served us well, and now on to our next big adventure. Building our new home.

In 2022, I will continue with the adventures. As adventures will always be at the heart of who I am, but it’s time to capture new memories, new moments, and new stories.

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