Run Distance Challenge

So you have decided to set a running distance goal.

Good for you, setting a goal like this can be challenging, but it can also bring so much joy and satisfaction.

While distance goals can be confronting when you first approach them. They don’t have to be so daunting if you break them down.

I’ve broken them down for you so you can see how achievable these types of goals can be.

Whether you choose a monthly or yearly goal, these breakdowns will help you smash out your goal.

Monthly Running Goals


Daily – 1mi / 1.6km
Weekly – 12.5km
3 runs a week – 4.16km
4 runs a week – 3.12km


Daily – 3.33km
Weekly – 25km
3 runs a week – 8.33km
4 runs a week – 6.25km
5 runs a week – 5km


Daily – 6.66km
Weekly – 50km
3 runs a week – 16.66km
4 runs a week – 12.5km
5 runs a week – 10km

Yearly Running Goals


Daily – 1.37km
Weekly – 9.62km
Monthly – 41.67km
3 runs a week – 3.21km
4 runs a week – 2.41km
5 runs a week – 1.92km


Daily – 2.74km
Weekly – 19.18km
Monthly – 83.33km
3 runs a week – 6.39km
4 runs a week – 4.8km
5 runs a week – 3.94km


Daily – 5.48km
Weekly – 38.36km
Monthly – 166.67km
3 runs a week – 12.79km
4 runs a week – 9.59km
5 runs a week – 7.62km

Good luck, and don’t forget to have fun!

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