Mindful Monday – Waves

Have you ever been to the beach and just watched the waves?

Sometimes they are gentle, calming, and soothing. Then there are times where they can while chaotic and come crashing down with such force.

Life at the moment in Lockdown No.7 has made me realise that life can be a lot like waves.

There are days where the waves are gently lapping. Life just runs smoothly, and you can just be.

Then there are those days, where they come crashing down, and they feel so crazy and hectic, that you aren’t too sure if you can cope. You feel overwhelmed, anxious, and just a bit frightened.

Photo by Ben Mack from Pexels

But what is a beach without the waves? (It would be a lake.)

Part of the experience of going to the beach is the waves and watching them crash on the shore.

We can learn a lot by watching the waves.

When rips form, the ocean looks peaceful, calming, and inviting. Yet rips can be so dangerous, and you can easily be swept out to sea.

Without waves, we wouldn’t be able to surf or use boogie boards.

I’ve never been surfing, it’s on the bucket list of things to try. I have been boogie boarding though, and it is so much fun.

It’s all about reading the ocean and timing. Get it right, and you will ride that wave and it will feel like you are flying.

Waves can bring you joy.

Learn your waves, and ride them when you can.

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