Winter Skin Care Routine for Runners

About a month ago, I booked an appointment to have a facial.  It was for 2 reasons, one because I haven’t had a facial in YEARS.  The other was to replace the products I was using, as they were running low and I could no longer buy them locally.

It’s easy to slip into a non-routine in the colder months, but it’s properly more important to be on top of your skincare in winter than it is in summer.

This week, Jennifer takes over the blog and talks about winter skin care for runners.



It is reported that skin loses 25% of its ability to retain moisture in colder weather due to reduced humidity in the air. With winter just weeks away, runners who want to continue going outside for their exercise need to be conscious of this and change up their skincare routine to accommodate for the loss in moisture and avoid itchy cracked skin.

The Daily Winter Regiment

The skincare routine that works in the milder seasons may not be good enough for winter, especially if you live in a harsh climate. As temperatures drop you may want to consider using a thicker, richer moisturizer all over your body. Experts recommend applying creams immediately after a shower to lock in the moisture. Special attention should be given to your face, lips, and hands as they are exposed far more to the elements than the rest of your body. If it’s very cold and windy, add a layer of added protection to your face with a balm that acts as a barrier between your skin and mother nature. If you are naturally on the drier side, run a humidifier or vaporizer in your bedroom at night to add water back to your environment and hence, your skin.

Wear Protective Clothing

Even though you will get heated up, you still need to bundle up when running in winter. This will keep your skin from getting windburned, chapped, or dried out. Merino wool is an excellent choice as a base layer. It keeps you warm and dry and is a completely natural product. Even those with sensitive skin who can’t wear other types of wool find that merino wool is soft and wearable. Gloves are a must to protect the skin on your hands and on the windier days, a cover over the lower part of your face would be a good idea.

A Special Note About Sun Protection

Runners know that sunscreen is necessary to prevent premature aging, wrinkles, sunspots, and of course the big one, skin cancer. In areas that get snowfall, it is quite easy to get burned in the winter as the bright snow reflects the sun’s rays right up to your face. 24% of Australians surveyed by The Cancer Council incorrectly believed that sunburn risk was related to temperature. With nearly a quarter of Australians still believing that cooler temperatures reduce risks, it bears emphasizing again and again. Sunscreen should be worn on every run, no matter the season.

One of the reasons we run is to keep fit and healthy. Taking some extra care of our skin in the winter should not be overlooked in that endeavour. Moisturize and protect your skin this winter and every season.

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