Ultimate Running Date #55

I feel like a fraud.  Why?  Well, I haven’t been running, not since Feb 10th.

Riding a bike is NOT running, but it keeps up my fitness and endurance.

So while the running shoes are hung up, for now.  Grab your bike, because this (bi) monthly check-in, we are going for a ride.

First up, January was simply keeping up my aerobic base.  Then when my random foot injury happened.  I swapped my runs for rides.  Basing them on time rather than distance.  I have worked out that bike riding is double (roughly) the distance of what I would if I were running.

But, I’m jumping ahead, let’s talk about January first.

January saw a lot of early morning runs, simply to beat the heat.

I did have a week off for holidays down in Venus Bay.

Thoroughly enjoyed the change of scene, and while it was flat, my speed came with ease.

There were some humid days, and humidity sucks the energy right out of you.  While having the rain is nice, humidity and running = not fun.

January Running Statistics

– 182 km
Total Hours – 27
Longest Distance 
– 13.2km
Number of Activities 
– 28

I even made it to Parkrun!

Visiting Altona Parkrun has been on my bucket list for a while.  So while I had the opportunity I took the change.

It’s a super flat course with a hill right smack bam in the middle.  While most people don’t like this bump, yep I’m calling it a bump, I powered up it with ease.

I ran this event at half marathon pace and finished it in 24 minutes.  Although it’s not a pb, I was really happy how I ran this parkrun.

Will I come back? Of course, it’s a lovely course that takes you through parts of the Altona Coastal Park.

February Statistics

Running Distance – 62.1 km
Cycling Distance – 140 km
Total Moving Distance – 200 km
Longest Running Distance – 11.2 km
Longest Cycling Distance – 32.3 km

2019 Statistics

Total Running Distance – 244 km
Total Cycling Distance – 144 km
2019 Running Prediction – 1,464 km
2019 Moving Prediction – 2,304km

It’s still early days when it comes to yearly predictions.  Any more time off running and I may not get my 2019 running goal.  That being said I’m ok with that.  No point worrying about things that are outside of my control.

Training will continue on the bike until I get the all clear from the specialist.  All I have to do now is trust in my aerobic base and focus on the things I can control.  Like nutrition, which is why I’ve signed up for another round of the 131Method.

How is your training going?
Signed up for any races?
If so, which ones?

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