18 Random Things About Me

Oooh did you see what I did there?  If you haven’t already caught on I’m doing an 18 for 2018 project,

To keep the 18 for 2018 theme going I thought it would be fun to do random facts about me.

I’ve done similar things like this in the past.  Like this one – Behind the name.

Random Facts About Me

.1. I stopped Obstacle Racing because it was no longer fun. 

Spartan Stadium Melbourne 2015

My last obstacle race was at Spartan Stadium in Dec 2015.

Why continue to do something if it’s no longer fun?  Yes, I enjoyed the challenge, but no one ever wanted to do these events with me, and these are the sort of events where you enjoy it more when you are with a group.  Where you can help each other and challenge each other.

I now know that the obliger in me just didn’t feel accountable anymore, so I just didn’t push myself as hard as I should or could have.

.2. I have never seen the movie Armageddon

Yep, you heard right.  Never seen it, and don’t think I ever will.

I’ve also never seen:

  • Men in Black
  • Independence Day

.3. I don’t like capsicums

Which has really only been a recent thing in say the last 5 years.  Stuffed capsicums are the bomb, well used to be, but now I’m like ‘yeah no thanks’.

Part of the reason is that they are nightshade, and after doing my 2nd Whole30, I discovered that nightshades are not really my friend.

Occasionally I’ll still eat it, but usually, I just pick it out.

.4. No one recognised me at my Year 10 Formal

I wore this vintage black dress that I found at a trendy op-shop.  It was velvet and a beautiful classic cut.

My hair was done, and I wore makeup, and for the first time in my life, I wasn’t just a plain Jane, but a Cinderella.

.5. The first concert I ever saw was Savage Garden

I was 15 and I went with my sister & a group of friends.  Good times.

Affirmation has to be one of my all-time favourite songs.

.6. I can not stand these songs

Beautiful by James Blunt.

Whenever I hear this song I get angry.  I hate it that much. It’s just plain AWFUL.  There are other Blunty songs I like, just not this one.

Hero by Enrique Iglesias

We are not related (possibly but doubt it), but just like Blunt’s song, this song, argh, no words, I dislike it that much.

I try by Macy Gray

I try to avoid this one at all costs.  Her voice, argh, kill me, kill me now. Just horrid.

.7. I’ve had my tongue pierced

I got it done in 2001. I was 21, I was in America, and I wasn’t game enough to get a tattoo.  I thought it was just a hole, if I don’t like it I can take it out.

I had it for about 5 years when I just got over it and never put it back in.

I don’t miss it.

.8. I used to play the Viola

It’s part of the string family.  It’s the forgotten string.  Everyone knows the violin, the cello, and even the double base.  The viola, however, is totally underrated. She has a beautiful sound.  So if you do decide to play a string instrument, give the viola a chance.

I don’t play anymore, after high school, I stopped playing, without the accountability of a teacher, concerts or a quartet, didn’t see the point.

I also stopped enjoying it, but playing viola gave me a new appreciation for classical music, which I still have to this day.

.9. Running a marathon holds no interest for me

Yes, I love running, but a marathon, on a road. No thanks.

.10. I want to run an ultra.

After running close to 30km at Surf Coast in 2017, the thought of running an ultra started to appeal to me.

So while I still don’t want to run a marathon, tottering along on the trail for the day seems far more interesting and enjoyable.

.11. I won an award at the Royal Melbourn Show

For a dress that I made in High School (year 8).  I still have that dress.  It doesn’t fit, but I’m keeping it because you know, award and all that.

It’s a seriously 90’s style dress, with these weird puffy sleeves.  I have no idea what chose me to pick this pattern or fabric design, but hey it was the 90’s.

.12. I always thought I was bad at maths.

Until going through some old boxes, and finding my report cards from high school.  Turns out I was a B-grade student, and better than I thought.

.13. I shut down my photography business MiCreations

The website is no longer up so you can no longer have a sticky beak.

My reasons for closing it as I value my work too much to be giving it away.  Unfortunately, people don’t want to pay $300 for a session. They just want photos on USB/disc, which then just get filed away and forgotten.

That’s not what I want for people, and so I made the decision to just do it for me and not as a business anymore.

.14. Please do not use the term “handful” at the deli counter

Seriously! What is a handful? No, really, think about it.  Look at your hand, now look at the hand of the person that is closest to you.  Are they the same?  Nope.  So don’t use this term. It’s crap.  It’s like asking “How long is a piece of string”. It’s STUPID.

But if you do ask for a handful, I will give you 200g, cause that’s the average of a handful.

If you say “large handful”, then I will give you 350g +.

Ok, that’s my rant about “handful”.

.15. I am reliable

Recently Carly from Smaggle (now very excellent habits) and 1/2 of the Straight and Curly team, posted on Instagram a post of I am… 

I’ve done an I Am post before, but 2 years on I wanted a new word.  It took me a few days until one evening after being called into work on my day off, it came to me.

I am reliable.

I am the type of person that if you called at 3 a.m. and needed me to pick you up, I would.  I would have your back.

.16. I have way too many unread books on my Kobo/Kindle account

When I see a good book, I will buy it, but it might take me 2-3 years to actually read it.

Ok, I’m a book whore, there I said it.

Do I also mention that have hundreds of e-books in Google Drive?

Yes, I have enough (never enough) books to last me a lifetime.

Then there is borrow box from the library.


.17. I’ve never been to a wedding

Except for my own, I’ve never been invited to a wedding.  I’m 38! Is that sad? Maybe I need to get new friends.

.18. I’m a stationery hoarder

I only realised this recently.  I have notebooks half used. So many, pens and pencils, yet I love stationery.

There is nothing like getting a new pen or a shiny new notebook.

This is who I am, 18 Random facts about me.

Tell me a random fact about you.

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