Motivation: 18 for 18 – Nothing is Wasted

Dear 10k distance, you and are just aren’t getting along. I think it’s time we break up.

Having just run a 10km club event, and missing out on a personal best time of a sub 47min, I was feeling defeated. 

Sure there were factors;

  • Not feeling 100%
  • It was warmer than expected
  • Rolling Hills
  • Going out too fast

I was tracking well in the first few K’s, then it just slowly unravelled.  This track must have a vendetta against me, as a similar scenario unfolded a year prior. This time, I had a mild lurgy cough, but otherwise felt ok. After coming down the hill and hitting the single track, my legs felt heavy and I just felt all over the place.

Crossing the line in a time of 47:27, I was disappointed. Sure I was the 3rd person and 1st female over the line, but I didn’t hit my goal.

It was later that day when I saw a facebook post from a friend. She said she wasn’t getting excited about running the Marathon at Dubbo. However, the prospect of running the 10km with a friend got her really excited.

It was then the light bulb went off.

The 10km distance is just not my distance. 5km, is not a problem. I can go fast, and hard. Half marathon, long, but not too long. Trail, well that’s just joyful.

I just didn’t get excited or joy from this distance. Sure I can run it, but race it that’s a different story.

So while I was disappointed that I didn’t achieve my goal, my training wasn’t wasted, because of the realisation that this distance is just not for me.

Accepting that, and being ok with that was a great hurdle to overcome.

Funnily enough, a week later I had the opportunity to run the 10km distance again.  My mindset had changed though.  I went into the run with no expectations, to go out and enjoy it.  I listened to my music and ran.

I crossed the line in a time of 46:35. Yes, that’s right, a PB. Typical.

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