Project 52 – Week 9

The kids usually whine when I tell them they need to get off technology. ¬†While technology has a place in our lives, it’s important for kids to experience what nature has to offer.

This particular day was no different, but I knew that was going to have a great time, as we had decided to have a day out in the Grampians.

We packed a picnic lunch, loaded the GPS with the coordinates of a few geocaches, and we were off.

Week 9 – Climbing Mura Mura/Mt Zero

Mt Zero Walk

We had dressed for the cooler weather, but it ended up being a lot warmer at the Northern end of the Grampians than it was at home.

Oh well just meant less sunscreen.

Mt Zero is a great walk to do with the kids.  About halfway up, the path separates, with the walk going through a rock crevice or the other option of going around it.

The kids decided to take what I nick-named ‘silent street’, or maybe it should be ‘skinny street’, as you have to be on the smaller size to get through.

Kids loved it.

Once we got back to the car, we had lunch and explored more of the base of Flat Rock.

That, however, will be another blog post for another day.

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