May, Where’s it at?

I meant to write one of these for April.  I had it planned (in my head) and everything.

Then of course May rolled around.


So let’s have a look at Where May has taken us, so far.

Ed's Quilt

Getting: A cold, thanks sharing caring people.

Making: A quilt for baby Ed.

Cooking: Muffins.  It’s been a while since I’ve done some baking.

Drinking: Gloria Jeans Hazelnut Praline Cofee

Reading: Remember Me by Lesley Pearse

Wanting: My cold to go away

Looking: At buying some new sports bras, after my trusty Bonds bra gave me chaffing after Wings For Life on Sunday. Yeah, not fun, especially the shower afterwards.

Playing: The playlist is called 030405.  Why this strange name?  Well, that’s all the music that hasn’t been played since March, April & May 2014.  Once all the music from March has been played, it will change to 040506, and June will be added.

Deciding: On what colour wool to get for my next cable headband.  I made a navy blue one for Kayla so she could wear it to school.  I want to have one for myself, just need to decide on a colour.

Wishing: I didn’t have to work until 10 pm, but such is life.

Mothers Day 2016

Wondering: What I should get myself as a birthday present to myself? 

Loving: Hand the made cards and pictures I got for Mother’s day.  These are keepers for sure.

Pondering: If I will ever get a new road half marathon PB?  Wings for life was the goal race.  But a head cold thwarted that.

Considering: Entering the PB Events Trailblazer event that is the weekend of my sister’s 40th B’day.  Do I or don’t I?

Buying: A running skirt from Skirt Sport.  I chose the peeka-boo style.

Watching: The new Tomorrow When the War Began, series on ABC3.  I’m enjoying it but I keep comparing it to the book.

Hoping: More people join my Fitness Bloggers Network.  If you are a blogger, or into fitness, please feel free to join.

Cringing: At the coldness of my coffee.  Ew, I don’t like cold coffee.

Questioning: Negative people at work.

Smelling: Not much, with a blocked nose.

Wearing: Daggy, track pants, thermal top under my long sleeve top, and my Spartan Jacket. Oh and my Knot Too Tizzy foxy earrings.

Noticing: The lovely rain we are having.  Winter is on its way.

Knowing: I will have to get my heater serviced in ready for winter.

Thinking: About what to do with the kids on their day off on Friday.

Admiring: Turia Pitt smashing out an Ironman

Disliking: The one person at work who has to complain about EVERYTHING.

Feeling: Congested. Did I mention I have a cold?

Snacking: On pumpkin bread.  It’s a recipe I’ve never made before, well, I’ll be making it again, it’s delicious.

Hearing: The school bell and the kids no longer playing outside.

Needing: A hot cup of soup for lunch.  Just as well I made a big batch of minestrone.

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