Music Playlist: Falling

I was ready to post this playlist last week, but then I discovered some new songs and had to add them to the list.

This meant that this playlist went from roughly 1h to 1h26m. So perfect for those long runs.

I’m definitely finding my music to be very seasonal. Which is why I have called this playlist Falling.

We don’t call it Fall here, we Autumn, but Falling sounded so much better than Autumn.

Falling – An Autumn Playlist


I have to thank RockMyRun for some of the new songs.

Yes, there are times, when I can’t be bothered creating a playlist, so I listen to a RockMyRun mix instead.

However, you now can’t see the playlist of a RockMyRun mix after you have purchased it.  You can only view it just before purchase, which I think is a pain in the butt.

But thankfully there is this awesome app called Shazam which allows me to find out the song and Artist.  Because if I really like the song, then I will purchase the full track to have in my collection.

There are two songs on this playlist that really speak to me.

Dear Life – Delta Goodrem

It’s powerful, and it’s not about winning (even though some people think it is), it’s about surviving.  And don’t we all survive our lives?

Run Wild – Laney Jones

The perfect fitting song, for a great event – Wings for Life.  Run Wild Run Free.

What songs are you loving at the moment?

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