How to Rock an Obstacle Race

I am no stranger to Obstacle Racing.

I’ve done 4 Tough Mudders & 3 Spartan Races since 2013.

It’s safe to say that I have learned a lot about obstacle racing in that time frame.

So let me give you some Beginners Tips on:

How to Rock and Obstacle Race

So you have decided you want to do an Obstacle Race of some sort. Yay for you!

Yes, it’s a challenge, but you will LOVE (or love/hate) every minute of it.

First up is deciding what Obstacle Event to do.

There are so many to choose from now.


The big ones here in Australia are:

If you would like to check out the full list of Obstacle events then do check out Obstacle Races Australia.

Deciding on an event that will put you out of your comfort zone, is challenging but one that you know that you will be able to finish.

Also, decide if you want to do the event on your own or as a team.  If you want to organise a team, then get your friends involved as well.  The more the merrier.

While you don’t have to have a team, doing it with your friends will make it so much more fun.

Once you have decided on all this you can begin your training.

I recommend training specifically for your event.

So do your research, and learn about the event that you will be competing in and what obstacles you may face.

Training Recommendation

From my experience I recommend including these exercises in your training:

  • Trail Running (or running in general)
    • Sprints
    • Hills
  • Burpee’s
  • Pull-ups
  • Squats
  • Dead Lifts
  • Monkey Bars
  • Rope Climb

These particular exercises will make you stronger, but will also help you get through the obstacles.

Race Day Expectation

Race day has arrived! Say What!

You will be a bundle of nerves, and that’s ok, you are allowed to be nervous.

Your training is done, now it’s time to go out and have some fun.

While in the event village, walk around, and become familiar with it.  I also recommend purchasing any merchandise before your run, and before you check your bag in.

I say this because, by the time you finish your race, the merchandise you want will be gone.

Spartan Beast, Ultra Beast, Sprint Melbourne September 2015

But what do you wear?

I recommend the following:

  • Long Sleeve Fitted Top (your elbows will thank you)
  • Compression pants/leggings (your knees and legs will thank you)
  • No socks, or compression socks
  • Old Shoes
  • Dri-fit underwear, old swimming bottoms, or no undies at all
  • A positive attitude

You can dress up, if you like, but know that your ‘costume’ may give you obstacle limitations.

Also, check out this blog post I did about what I wore for my 1st Tough Mudder.


Have Fun

Don’t forget that.

  • You signed up for this remember
  • Leave the negativity at home
  • Give every obstacle a go (unless you can’t swim, don’t attempt it, seriously).
  • Help others, they will help you.
  • Keep going, you go this.

Embrace all these tips and without a doubt you will rock your obstacle race.

4 thoughts on “How to Rock an Obstacle Race”

  1. I have always wondered what people do to train for these. I have always admired that you do them, I mean it takes a seriously tough person to push through these.
    I haven’t ever done one, but one day in the far future I would love to try one!

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