Running Heroes

I love to run, there is no denying that.  But wouldn’t it be awesome if you could run, and get a reward just by running?

And I’m not talking about a medal in a race/event.  I mean running-related products, like shoes, clothing, watches, and entry in a race.

There is no such thing

I hear you say.  But guess what, there is, and it is called Running Heroes.


Running Heroes is a community that encourages and rewards people on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

The running heroes concept is simple, and best of all it is FREE.

Yes FREE! Bonus!

It connects with the most popular running apps, like Garmin, strava & polar (just to name a few).

When you run, Running Heroes awards you activity points.  These points then allow you to get exclusive offers from the Running Heroes brand partners, like Polar, TomTom, and Icebug, which are just some of the current Australian partners.

Activity points don’t expire. Another Bonus.

Rewards arrange from a variety of things.

Currently one of the rewards is free entry to the Canberra Summer Marathon. All you have to do is run 21km between Monday 16th November to Sunday 22nd November.

That doesn’t interest you? Well, how about a 30% discount voucher for AMO Sunglasses.

Are you excited?! You should be.

I mean seriously, you run, you get a reward, what’s not to love about that?

Running Heroes is also country-specific, so rewards will be different per country.

Sign up today, you won’t be disappointed.

15 thoughts on “Running Heroes”

  1. This is awesome! I love running so getting rewards for it makes it even better. I’m going to check this out for sure!

  2. This sounds awesome, I will check it out.
    What is more awesome…You are a fellow AUSSIE!! I thought I was on my own in this blog hop. So nice to find your blog 🙂
    Meg x

  3. Courtney@TriGirl Chronicles

    This sounds awesome!!! Once I shake this baby out and get cleared to run again I might have to sign up for this.

  4. This is awesome! As I was reading I was expecting you to say it’s not available in the US but so glad it is. Thanks for sharing!

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