Ways to Run with no Technology

Runners of today have become OBSESSED with Technology, Gadgets & Gizmos.

We have to know everything about our run.

  • Distance
  • Elevation
  • Calories
  • Cadence

And so forth.

I mean does this look familiar?

I won’t lie, I have been guilty of this.

However, I’ve learned now not to obsess about all my stats.

So how do you run without the aid of Technology?

The iPod/iPhone

I’ve talked previously about the pros and cons of running with music.

Now while music is motivational it has its time and place.

Try these methods to wean you off the music.

  • Leave it at home
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • Running Buddy (and have a real conversation)

The Watch

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Always looking at your watch?

Try these methods to help you look at your watch less.

  • Turn off the km/mi beep notifications
  • Wear your watch upside down
  • Cover your face with paper/tape
  • Leave it at home

Three reasons why you should run without technology

  1. You’ll appreciate your surroundings more, and become a safer runner.
  2. You learn to listen to your body when it comes to breathing, cadence and heartbeat.
  3. You learn to enjoy your run, not race your run.

So make an effort to run with no technology, at least once a month, and see how it changes your mentality.

Have other tips to run with no technology? Post them in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Ways to Run with no Technology”

  1. GREAT POST! I actually started working on a similar post a while back, I really need to get around to finishing it!
    I am a huge believer to be a no gadget running whenever possible. I think it just sets us more free, and even allows us to enjoy the run even more. Especially when you don’t have to feel like you are being controlled by a machine!

    1. This blog post was in my drafts pile for a month, I forgot I had it there.
      I had plan to do a run with gadgets and then do the same run with no gadgets to compare. I still plan to do it but as a future blog post.

      I think now a days we rely to much on technology and we need to get back to basics.

  2. But but but, if it’s not on Garmin it didn’t happen right? 😉 Hahahaha always my catch phrase. Eh, I live for the validation of the kms as they clock over. However I’ve been running more often than not without music lately and yes, it’s different, it’s enjoyable. Even ran the Koroit to Warrnambool HM without music and I was waaaaaaaay at the back of the pack running on my own. But oddly enough I kept humming “Dambusters” in my head, not sure what that was about. ha.

    1. There are lot of my runs where I don’t even look at my watch until after I get home and I upload stuff. On one run I was surprised at how steady my pace was. Just goes to show we need to trust our bodies more.
      As for music, well yeah I get random thoughts or have conversations with myself. I do think of some very good blog posts when I run without music too.

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