SAAC Race Recap: Andrew Darnell Memorial

This race was on, off, and on again for me.

First, it was on because I was working a 2-10 pm shift.

Then it was off because someone had called in sick, and I needed to do the opening shift 6:30-2:30 pm.

Then it was back on again because my shift got moved back to the original 2-10 pm shift.

Talk about work drama or what.

However, it was good to turn up to the club rooms to run a club run.  It’s been a while, and my apologies I haven’t posted the last one, it’s going to have to stay missed, cause I can’t even remember the race.

The Run

The Andrew Darnell Memorial run has in the past been held in Horsham.

Due to low membership numbers and turnout to runs in Horsham, the committee decided to shift this run back to Stawell.

This was also the first Championship race for the season.  As this is a championship race, it’s a sealed handicap meaning that we all start together.

Having run parts of this track on different training runs, I was familiar with the track already.

It was a tough course with 3km being uphill and 2km being downhill. It was also cold, and I forgot my hanky.

If I were to run this track again, I’d be wearing my (new) trail shoes.  There were sections of the track where I could have used the extra traction, but I made do with my brooks.

To be honest I had no idea how I was going to run this race.  With Wings for Life on Sunday last week and 1 slow recovery run on Tuesday, the only other exercise I have been doing is PiYo.

I went into this run with no expectations and just decided to run at a pace that I felt comfortable at.  Didn’t look at my watch, and although I heard it beep, I just decided to listen to my body and not push it too hard and run by feel.

Of course, I was pleased and surprised to cross the finish line in a time of 23:30.

If this had been a flat course I may have gotten a new PB, but as I said before this was a majority uphill track, and technical as well. So very happy with my time.

The fastest runner was Nathaniel who finished in a time of 18:30.  I was the 2nd runner to cross the line and 1st female.

I was also surprised to learn that I won the race based on handicap.

Go me!

Top – Solamon
Bottoms – Target
Socks – Lightfeet
Shoes – Brooks Pure Connect
Headband – Thir

Read the SAAC race report here.

5 thoughts on “SAAC Race Recap: Andrew Darnell Memorial”

  1. Yes a big GO YOU! That is awesome that you won in your handicapp, very cool congrats!!!!
    That is crazy drama though, yes run, no run, yes….. Looks like it was a great thing you were able to do the race!!!

    1. Thanks, happy with my time considering it was a tough track.
      I have the option to run with the Ararat Club as they run on Sunday’s, and they run in Stawell as well. But I prefer running on Saturdays.

  2. Go you indeed! Love seeing your running shots, always smiling. You could easily be the front page of a running magazine! Congratulations.

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