High Five Friday #16

These Fridays seem to roll around too quickly. I mean can you believe that we are in May! May people! May!

The weather is getting a lot cooler here now, and it’s a welcoming change to run in. Might have to break out the running gloves soon. One thing is for sure I’m totally loving my Thir’s.


Here are the things I’m giving a High Five to this week.

Five Pictures

.1. Meeting a fellow RMAer Erin and the Wings for life run.  Add this to your bucket list, what a great event! You can read my race recap here.

.2. Tom’s family came down to visit recently.  Cousin love, just beautiful.

.3. Miles lost his first tooth while at school. Oh, he is growing up!

.4. I kid you not, Miles put his plate aside grabbed the tray the butterfly chicken was on and just kept hoeing into it. I think someone is going through a growth spurt.

.5. It may only be the start of May but winter definitely comes early. So I’ve decided to knit an infinity scarf.  It’s not quite finished yet, but I will get there.

Five Links

.1. If you didn’t already know, I’m still training for the handstand.  So when I came across a Breaking Muscles workout program for Handstand Happiness, I knew I had to share it.

.2. This one is for my Aussie friends (there would be equivalents in your country just search via google).

Not everyone can get to events.  And not all events offer medals.  This is where a virtual race can be great.  I plan on signing up for a virtual run via Oz Virtual Racing in June.  Does anyone want to join me?

.3. Not that I go to the gym, but this is one cool way to pack your gym clothes in any bag.

.4. This article I only came across today.  But I had to add it because it doesn’t apply to just kids, it applies to anyone.  One thing is for sure I will be teaching my kids these 9 Survival Skills.

.5. I got PiYo last year.  I’m finally doing it now.  It’s the perfect recovery for me before I move on to my next challenge. The best part, it’s all body weight, so it’s for anyone.

So tell me what are you high-fiving today?

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