The Ultimate Check in #1

JC Ultimate Coffee Date
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Every Month Jill Conyers does an Ultimate Coffee date.  It’s a great way to check in and recap everything that has happened over the last month.

I thought I would combined my ultimate coffee date check in with my running stats check in.  So grab a hot drink (or cold), sit down and relax.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you:

2014 Aug Running StatsI have had another great month of running.  I clocked over 100km, which makes me really happy, considering I had some really mediocre months earlier in the year.
My running stats look like this:

– 71.12
Feb – 94.94
Mar – 95.24
Apr – 68.52
May – 76.66
Jun – 84.88
Jul – 112.78
Aug – 106.1
Total – 710.22
To Go – 289.78

With 4 months left to go I only need to run 72.44km a month to get to 1000km by the end of the year.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you:

That I’ve entered another trail half marathon.

There was a lot of umming and arghing over two half marathons.  I had a choice of going for a pb on a flatish course over in Hamilton on the 8th November.  Or have another crack at a trail half marathon Run from the Hills, a week later on the 15th November.

I had to write down a pro and con’s list over the two races.

The Hamilton fun run could have meant a new pb and a podium finish.  It also had a cheap entry fee at $30.  However I would be working the night before, and would have my daughters ballet concert on the same day. It also would mean further to travel.

Run from the Hills, meant a higher entry fee at $70.  It is however closer, but it’s also on my mum’s birthday, so that would mean missing out spending time with her.

I ended up deciding to go with Run From The Hills.

Yes I love my mum, but I’ll see her the week before at Kayla’s ballet concert. She’s also a runner, so she would totally understand.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you:

RunMum-Bellfield FirelineThat I have now switched my long runs to trails runs up in the Grampians.  I’m totally loving hitting the hills, and I will need them in prep for Run from the Hills.

I’ve already improved my time by 5 minutes on the same track.  This makes me super happy.

I also had a moment of “wow I’m really skinny in this photo”.  Yet I weight more than I did last year.  Yep that’s right, and that’s where the next

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you:

comes in.

I’ve been doing Jamie Eason’s LiveFit, and it has definitely helped me to get stronger.  So much so that I invested in a barbel set, and I’m in love with it.

Last but not least.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you:

That I’m no loner just a mum, photographer, runner and blogger.

wooliesI’ve accepted a part time job at the local supermarket.

This will obviously mean changes, but I’m looking forward to what the future is going to offer.

I have my induction on Wednesday 10th September.  Then after I come back from holiday’s I’ll be working Thursday, Friday’s & Saturday’s.  Thursday’s & Friday’s will be the late shift, finishing at 10pm (when our local store closes). Not sure of the time for Saturday but I’ll find all that out on my first shift.

Yes that does mean that I will have to give up the SAAC club runs 🙁 which are currently Saturday afternoons.  We are nearly at the end of the 2014 SAAC season though, and anything can happen in 6 months. The SAAC committee (which I’m the secretary of), is also investigating changing the start time of the club run from afternoon to mornings.  I would totally prefer a morning, but we’ll see.

So thank you for sitting down with me and letting me rant on what has been going on the last month.

What would you like to tell me?

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12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Check in #1”

  1. You’ve got some exciting things happening! Good luck with the new job!
    That is awesome your getting out and enjoying running trails in your mountains, probably will help lots with the trail half you just signed up for!
    You’ve bumped up your mileage quite a bit the last couple of months, you’ll for sure hit your goal!!!!

    1. I really want a redo on the trail run I did earlier this year. I was just so ill prepared for that event due to sickness and couldn’t get the training in that I wanted.
      I love the Grampians, and so glad we have it so close by.
      i’m hoping I hit my 1000km goal by November.
      And I too hope the new job is all smooth sailing.

  2. Congratulations on the job, well done. As for the Run from the Hills I read about that one and it sounds like it would be a gorgeous run, and you are totally going to ace it I’m sure.

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