July Check In

So normally I would check in with how my running went for the month.

I thought however it would be a good idea to check in with other things that have happened during the month.  Like books I’ve read, music I’ve listened to recipes that I’ve tried.

So here is my monthly round-up.


Days ran – 15
Longest run – 10.45km
Fastest run – 5km / 22:29 minutes
Total km – 112.78km
Km to date – 604.12

I broke the 100km for running for the month! BooYeah! In fact this is the most I have ever ran in a month.

You have no idea how happy I am to be in running form.  It feels so good, let me tell you.

All those speedwork sessions are obviously paying off.


Apparently July was the month of reading for me.  I finished a total of 9 books. Yeah 9!  However 1 of those books I didn’t start in July, I started it ages ago, but I finished it in July. So it still counts to the final tally. 

  1. Eat the Yolks – Liz Wolfe
  2. Jane – April Linder
  3. No Excuses! – Brian Tracy
  4. Fitness Confidential – Vinne Tortorich
  5. The Book Thief – Markus Zusak
  6. Think Big – Ben Carson
  7. So B. It – Sarah Weeks
  8. Embrace – Jessica Shirvington
  9. Everything to live for – Turia Pitt

I really enjoyed Eat the Yolks, Think Big & Everything to Live for.  Which by the way are all non-fiction books.  I’m really enjoying my non-fiction stuff at the moment.

On My iPod

I initially was going to make this a ‘music’ list. Then I realized that I’ve not just been listening to music.

But speaking of music I do love my RockMyRun mixes.
They are great for long runs and my speedwork sessions.  I just put on a mix and my run becomes totally rocked.

While doing housework I have been listening to a lot of podcasts.  I’ve gotten behind, and I have made it a mission of mine to listen to unplayed episodes.

The podcasts I have been listening to are: The Paleo View, The Sane Solution & Runner Academy just to name a few.

I’ve also been listening to some interviews that were taken at the Healthy Life Summit (from The Village Green Network).  These interviews have been utterly fascinating, and I’ve learned loads.


Most people I know love pizza.  I mean love pizza.  But I truly believe it’s the base that makes or breaks a pizza. 

I actually really enjoy gluten-free pizza bases.  I like them cause they have a crunch. This is the recipe I use to make my base.

It’s winter here, so we have been having lots of soups.  A good stock is essential for a delicious-tasting soup.  If you have a pressure cooker then you MUST make Michelle’s (NomNomPaleo’s) super quick and easy Broth Recipe.

I normally have a frittata for breakfast, but I must admit I have been enjoying my grain-free Hot & Nutty Cereal from Carrie Brown.  I make it in bulk for those days when I wake up and want something hot and instant.

So there you have it, that’s my general run down for the month of July.

What will August bring? No idea. I don’t have any goals set at this stage, but I think I will let August just happen.

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  1. I liked Runner Academy podcast. I also listen to Everyday runners and Embrace Running (that one is good for race recaps which I love to hear about, despite them all being American races).

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