The Whole 30 That Wasn’t

I’ve done a few Whole30s now.  Each time I do it I come away with something new.

I find Whole30 a great clean-up, and it’s exactly wanted I needed.  With getting sick, having to take 2 courses of antibiotics, and just generally eating crappy food.

I needed to have a cleanup, for my mind, body, and spirit.

But to be honest I really didn’t want to do it for 30 days. So I decided to do half a Whole30 instead, and focus on eating 100% paleo for 15 days.

Those 15 days however turned into 13 days, but I’ll explain that later.

As a birthday present to myself, I purchased the 21-day sugar detox cookbook by Dianne Sanfilippo.  I ordered this book as an actual paperback rather than an ebook.  Yes, I have paleo ebook cookbooks, but for some reason, I prefer cookbooks that I can hold. It’s easier to bookmark the recipes I want to try and easier to make notes on the pages.

It’s safe to say that I’m in love with this cookbook.

This cookbook became my foundation for my Whole15.  I took principles from the Whole30 program and the 21-Day Sugar Detox.

Yes, there are differences from Whole30 to the 21 DSD, the main (for me) being that in the 21 DSD the only fruits you can eat is green-tip banana’s & apples. More importantly however only one piece of fruit a day.

You don’t have those fruit restrictions on Whole30.

So while I took on these principles I didn’t always apply them. I’m an athlete (by no means a professional, but I still work out), so the extra carbs gained from the fruits were essential for me. Especially as a pre-workout food for my long runs and speedwork sessions.

Now to get back to how the 15 days turned into 13. Well, I blame this:


In one afternoon I won the club run, the cake raffle, a box of chocolates, and a bottle brush (native Australian plant).

Yep, I broke my Whole15 for cake.  Which by the way didn’t taste very nice.  The homemade naan bread that I had with dinner made breaking the Whole15 so totally worth it over the cake though.

Even though I broke my Whole15, I still gained a lot.  I performed better (hello win?!), slept much better, and overall just felt on top of the world.

I might not do a Whole30 again (we’ll see), but a Whole15 or even a Whole7 will definitely be on the cards again.

What’s your go to meal for breakfast? For me, it’s a frittata.
Have you ever done a Whole30 (or Whole15 or 7)?
What’s one food you can’t/wont give up?  I love cheese, and miss it every time I do this challenge.

3 thoughts on “The Whole 30 That Wasn’t”

  1. Congratulations on the run and prizes, so wonderful to be recognised, you speedster! As to my go to meal for breakfast, I have become a muesli fan so there’s usually a bowl of muesli (45 grams), a dollop of greek yoghurt and a spoon of drizzled honey. And I’m in seventh heaven! And one food I can’t or won’t give up, hmmmm, dare I say chocolate. I know I shouldn’t and there’s times that I can go weeks without it, but I just know it’s there, reeling me back in. 😉

    1. Since doing whole30 I can go without chocolate and be ok with it, cheese though yeah sad face. I just love my cheese.
      I much prefer making my own museli. At the moment I’m really into carrie brown’s hot and nutty cereal.

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