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Back in September the website Tribesports launched a Kickstart Campaign. Their mission was to revolutionise the sportswear industry.
Tribesports: Are you ready for the challenge?

How? They wanted to be:

The world’s first community-powered sportswear range, bringing you premium quality at up to 40% cheaper than leading sports brands.

I had no problems backing this project.  There is no doubt that I practically live in my sports wear, and I can easily spend AU$200 on just 2 pieces of clothing.

For me it’s about quality.  I’ve bought some cheap brands, and it’s pot luck.  Sometimes they last for ages, other times you get a few wears out of them before they start to show their weaknesses.

Then I’ve bought the ‘Brand’ names, and guess what?! It’s pot luck there too.  I’ve had motif’s come off leggings, snags on dry fit tops in weird places like right smack bam in the middle of a shirt. There is nothing worse thank forking out good money for something and it come off sub par.  It’s one of the reasons why I buy my sportswear in the off season. Sure sizing might be a problem, but at least the price is reduced.

So when Tribesports informed their members about this Kickstart project, I decided to back them. I had nothing to loose, but a whole lot of sportswear to gain.  Can we say WIN.

You know when a community comes together and want to “Rip Up the Rule Books” when the project gets fully funded within 48 hours.  

When my package arrived I was super excited.

I was also super impressed. Their sportswear range was not what I expected (in a good way).  It was everything I hoped for and so much more.

You can tell that the team over at Tribesports really did their homework, their research, and they listened to the public.  You know those everyday joe/jane blows (like me), who love fitness but aren’t an elite, they listened to what they had to say and took everything on board.

My initial impression was that they fabric was super soft.  But the items feel amazing against your skin.  The workmanship is also incredible, everything they said they would do they did.

The real test however would be out on the trails, where I run. So I laced up my shoes, and tested out the shorts and the t-shirt.
The shirt (small), was breathable and kept me cool, throughout my long run.

The shorts have a wide waist band and didn’t cut into my belly.
They stayed in place and didn’t ride up, or annoy me in anyway.

I found that the fabric really moved with my body, it gave stretch where it needed it.

I don’t have pictures for the long sleeve top or the leggings (yet), but I still got to test them out.

Again the waist band of the leggings were a real winner, just like the waist band of the shorts, nice and wide and very comfortable.

The long sleeve top was long in length, and the arms even though don’t have thumb holes, still covered my hands and kept them warm.  Even though it was raining and I was cold, I was warm and cool where I needed to be.

Needless to say I’m extremely impressed with the new Tribesport Clothing Range. There is no doubt that when I need new gear I will be buying from there.

Tribesport have no way asked me to write this post. All opinions are my own.


1 – My Package included the following, 1 short sleeve performance top, 1 long sleeve performance top, 1 pair of womens shorts, 1 pair of womens leggings & 1 towel.

2 – A few days after testing out my “summer gear”, we ended up having a wintery day in Stawell, where it was frightfully cold for December, so I ended up getting to try this out, but didn’t have anyone to take any photo’s of me wearing them in action.

What’s your favourite item of sports clothing you currently own?
Leave a comment if you would like a discount for the Tribesport Shop. 

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    1. It’s so comfy, I love it. I can’t wait to get more in different colours.
      Yeah I’m lucky to have some pretty rocking trails. One day I’ll run in snow, don’t know how I will feel about it, but you only live once.

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