Run Somewhere Mum – Playlist

So what’s rocking my ears on my runs at the moment?

Mainly music.  I’ve picked up some awesome RockMyRun mixes lately, like Fit to Fight and Ladies of the 80’s.

I still like creating my own running mixes. Especially when new songs come on the radio.  However, this particular mix has some recent ‘teen’ (as in from 2011 – 2013) hits and some older ones (from the ’00s aka naughty’s).

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So here is my “Run Somewhere Mum” playlist. I hope you find some new music to add to your collection.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Song you love to hate?

Song you hate to love?

2 thoughts on “Run Somewhere Mum – Playlist”

  1. I’m in a song rut right now. I’m tired of my same old playlist so I’ve moved on to watching movies on my phone while on the treadmill. I checked out RockMyRun and I’m optimistic I will find something. One song I always loved listening to was by the Killers, All These Things That I’ve Done. It was good enough for a Nike commercial too.

    1. If I had to run on a treadmill I’d op for tv watching for sure. Just as well my place is too tiny for a treadmill, and I have the time to run outside.
      So far there has only been 1 RMR mix I didn’t care for, which is not bad considering I have about 40 of them.

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