Chris Blake Sealed Championship

I remember the days when I thought 3km of running was long and far.  Now I find them just too short.  Yes, you heard me, too short.  I never thought I would say that, but alas it is true.

When I do my long runs, I find it usually takes me about 3km to warm up and to really get into a rhythm and flow. I couldn’t exactly do that in today club run.

The SAAC club run was the 3km Chris Blake Sealed Championship.

Before the race, Tom and I talked about who was going to win outright.  I tipped Nat for the men and Meggy for the Women. Guess what we were right.

I was pleased with how I performed in this run, considering it was the first time I had run this course and this event.  I was unable to run it last year (2012) as I was in Melbourne at the time. At least we did not have the same weather conditions.  It was pretty much like what it was in Troopers a few weeks ago. Luckily we had fantastic running weather. It was cold waiting to start, but it is winter here so you’d expect that. The wind died down and it was mild with no rain.
My time for this run was 13:24, which to me is a personal best for 3km. Don’t get me wrong I do run short distances, but usually, as a recovery run after a long long.  I just find the distance too short, it leaves me wanting more.  Is that sad?  Nah, I’m just a runner.

Next week is also another 3km run, but it will be under very different circumstances.  It will be 3km all uphill, they don’t call it “King of the Mountain” for nothing.  A new pb will be highly unlikely on that course


1 – Meaning we all start together.

2 thoughts on “Chris Blake Sealed Championship”

  1. Holy moly – what a great time! I’m with you, I’d much prefer a long, steady, get in a groove run. Shorter races stress me out as every second counts and I feel the pressure to run fast! However, these shorter races shake things up and will help us become faster, better runners. Congrats!

    1. Thanks Amy, I’m pleased with my time too, considering it was a hilly course. it’s also a great learning curve too, well for me it is at least.

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