I know I’m a Runner

So I was cruising Twitter, and came across this tweet from Runners World


Remember to click on the Ow.ly link too. Just in case you didn’t go here.

Oh how I had to agree with the statements.

So here are some of my “you know you are a runner because”

  1. You own more than 1 pair of running shoes
  2. You have running outfits for each season
  3. You know (roughly) how many calories you burn based on your distance (without wearing your heart rate monitor)
  4. You understand abbreviation like SW, HRM, HM, PR or PB
  5. You’ve gotten blisters on your feet, or you have lost toe nails (I’ve never lost toe nails, but I know other runner friends who have)
  6. You own compression wear
  7. You are in a running club
  8. You know the running radius from your house
  9. You can tell your pace without looking at your watch
  10. You hear a song on the radio and can tell instantly if it will be good to run with.
  11. You know how to spit a lurgy or blow your nose bushman style

So what things do you that make you realise you really truly are a runner?

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