Motivation – Eye on the Prize

This post was originally suppose to be a Monday Motivation post.  You will notice however that it’s Tuesday.  I’ve had to move this post a day later, as I had to schedule a special post which you can view here

My old life was filled with promises.  Promises of things I would say I would do, but somehow never found the time for them, and thus they never happened.

I thought I was busy, but in retrospect, I never knew what ‘busy’ was.  If anything I was really only keeping myself busy with the stuff that really wasn’t that important. And so I would always break my own promises.

When you live that type of life you dream of big and better things, but you just plug in – plug out each day, and things never change, they just stay the same.

That was my old life.  My life is not like that now.

The reason it’s not like that any more is for the simple fact I wanted to change.  When you want something bad enough then you make changes in your life.  No one else can change you.  Only you can, and you have to want to do it.  It has to be on your own terms.

Things really turned around for me with Turbofire (which I have mentioned before in previous posts here).  Chalene really set a great example for me.  Because of turbofire I discovered Chalene Jonhson’s 30 day push, a free (yes free), online program where Chalene

teaches the tools and skills to change your life and create the future of your dreams.

Each day gave me a new task to set me up to achieving my goals.  Step by step my life changed.

I still apply the tools and skills I learned in her program today, and everyday.  I’ve achieved so much, and I’ve learned so much.

Setting goals is important to me, and they should be important to you.

Tasks and goals are very different though, and they should not be confused.  Having to go to the supermarket to get milk.  That’s a task.  Running a 10km race in under 45mins, now that is a goal.

After finishing my half marathon in Geelong I of course reassessed my goals. I decided that I would run a half marathon in 1h 45mins.  Now if you noticed I said “I Would”, not “I want to”, yeah you can go back and re read that sentence if you like.
You see by writing my goals like I have already achieved them.

I will be honest with you, when I first wrote that goal I thought it might be a bit impossible.  I did actually think to myself, I don’t know if that will be doable. But I took the time, studied that goal, broke it down into pieces, reflected on it, spoke to others about it, and now I know exactly what I have to do to get it that time.

That time is mine.

The old me, she would have never done that.

You know we live in a world of “I want it now”.  That type of attitude is not going to get me or you anything or anywhere fast.  If you want something, then you have to go out and earn it.  Blood, sweat, tears and all.

So even though my next half marathon isn’t until July, I have my training plan already in place and implement.  Sure life get’s in the way, and it’s going to mess with my schedule, but that’s ok, because no matter what I’m going to be true to myself.

In my world, there are no “I Can’t’s”, there are only “I can’s.

So keep your eye on the prize, because when you reach your goal or your dream, it will be so worth it. And it’s worth it, because you are worth it.

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