Why Onion?

Onion in spanish is cebolla, and well I’ve been known as little onion in my family since I was a little girl. I’ve done blogging before but I figured I would give it another go. Why? Well for a lot of reasons.  One of those reasons is my life is very different now than it was 1 year ago.  And if I can help just one person in their journey then my job is done.

So what happened a year ago?  In 2011 I was fat.  78kg to be exact.  I felt fat, I looked fat, and I was just plain miserable.  I decided if I want to change then I needed to change.  I had to change inside and out. So I started exercising.  I had been exercising before and I thought I was healthy but boy was I wrong. 
A friend told me about Turbofire , I had never heard of it before.  So I googled it, and once I saw the infomercial, well I was sold. I got it and never looked back. In one of the workouts Chalene said “you got to write down what you are eating”.  Yes I had heard that term before but for some reason it really stuck with me this time.  So I joined MyFitnessPal again and started logging my calories.  It took a month from exercising to get to MFP.  It then took until October for me to come across Chalene’s 30 day Push. That was when my life really began to change.  It changed in so many different aspects.  That I’m truly thankful for the journey that I have been on, and the one that I’m going to take. 
So the next few posts are going to be my blast from the past.  Posts from my mfp blog.

As like an onion my life has many layers.  

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