A Month of Strength

Since getting sick derailed my marathon goal, I have been in a funk with running.

While I love running, at the moment I feel directionless.

One thing for certain, I miss the trails.

This is why I have been sprinkling some easy trails into my runs. Trail running brings me joy, which is why I will always choose the trails over the roads.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to back off the running intensity and for the month of November focus on strength.

I’m no stranger to working out every day. There is always some form of mobility or movement that I do daily.

Does this plan mean I will be in the gym every day? No.

Each day will be a different area of focus.

Weight days

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Four to five exercises with a rep range from 3-8.

Plyometric days

Tuesday & Thursday

Strength training also means training your explosive power, and that’s why plyometric training is so important.

Not only will I concentrate on explosion, but it’s also about keeping your core engage and keeping balance.

Mobility and recovery days

Saturday & Sunday

Recovery is just if not the most important part of strength training.

Without the proper recovery, your body will underperform and that’s when injuries can occur.

What about running?

I still plan on running.

What I love about this plan, is that it works around my run days, or enhances or complements them.

I’ll be keeping my runs relatively easy ranging from 5-12 km. This is more so to keep a base range so that when I do build up to a distance in the future, my legs remember what to do.

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