Book Review: Daisy Jones & The Six

By Taylor Jenkins Reid

355 pages, Hardcover
First published March 5, 2019
Mi Rating: 3 Stars

My daughter really wanted to get me a book for my birthday. She knows I like to read, and it has also rubbed off on her.

We were in a boutique bookstore in Hamilton, and my husband was “find something tell me, and I’ll let her know.”

Daisy Jones and the Six is what I picked.

Except for the fact that the title of this book annoys me. It makes it appear that Daisy Jones is front and centre. But she wasn’t. It was always about The Six. It should be The Six, featuring Daisy Jones. But that is beside the point.

This book is really easy to read. I feels like a real interview/documentary. You forget that it was compiled over time, and that these characters aren’t real.

Taylor makes me want to go out and download the album, except for the fact that I can’t, because it’s a fictional story.

But boy oh boy, would I give anything to listen to those songs.

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