Book Review: The Other Side of Beautiful

By Kim Lock

Paperback: 368 Pages
Audiobook: 9h
Genre: Australian, Contemporary, Travel, Women, Mental Health
Rating: 3.75 stars

If you are looking for a coming of age (or some might say mid-life crisis) book about a woman in her 30s. Then the other side of beautiful is for you.

Mercy has not left her house for 2 years.

Two years ago, Mercy had the worst week of her life. Instead of dealing with the events that happened that week, Mercy isolates herself in her house with her dachshund Wasabi.

Then on the eve of her birthday, Mercy finds herself homeless after her house burns down.

Instead of dealing with life and responsibilities, she buys a dodgy Diahatsu Hijet and travels from Adelaide to Darwin.

Along the way, Mercy and her dog Wasabi befriend other camper travelers and discover the beauty of central Australia. Learns to think of the fly, and of course, avoid the one person she never thought she would encounter in the middle of nowhere.

All up, a delightful, laugh-out-loud book about finding yourself.

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