Book Review: Annie on My Mind

By Nancy Garden

Ebook: 234Pages
Mi Rating: ★★★ (3.5)

Annie on my mind, tells the story of two teenagers Eliza (Liza) and Annie, who by chance meet at the museum.

They become fast friends.

Over the course of the year, their friendship grows and develops into something so much more. Their love is tender and sweet.

Despite pressure from family, friends, and their school, the girls promise to be true to each other and their feelings.

A wonderful coming-of-age LGTBQ+ novel.

Mi Reading Challenge: Read a band book, LGTBQ+.

This book has been banned (same-sex relationship), in many public and school libraries across the world.

Written in the ’80s, it’s still suprisingly relevant today.

Having to battle homophobia, and various obstacles you can not help but feel the heartache of Liza and Annie (and subsequently two sub-characters).

It’s hard enough being a teenager as it is. Then thrown in gay, in a world where the only way is the hetro-sexual way.

Love is love, and we should just accept that.

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