Book Review: the Emporium of the Imagination

By Tabitha Bird

Ebook: 315 Pages
Mi Rating: ★★★ (3.75)

Set in the rural QLD town of Boonah (yes it’s a real place), a magical shop starts to build.

It’s a place where you can receive calls from lost loved ones, fix broken dreams and relive lost memories. 

Earlatidge Hubert Umbrey is the keeper of the shop but he is dying and has less than 3 weeks to find the new custodian and the shopkeeper. 

The clock is ticking to find his new replacement.

Is it ten-year-old Enoch? Mourning the loss of his father?

Or is it Ann? Who had moved back to Boonah to look after her dying grandmother?

Earlatidge sees the store unravel like never before. Can he help Enoch and Ann while also accepting his own tragedy?

Mi Reading Challenge: A book with an animal on the cover (ladybirds)

The emporium of the imagination was just a delightful read.

To be honest I came across this book as I just started typing in random animals (cat, dog, bear, etc), into the Borrowbox app.

When I typed in Bird, I came across this book.

Oh just what a delight. This book will make you come to a sense of peace with grief.

Grief is simply love, with nowhere to go.

It’s most importantly about love and finding the right hug for any situation.
This book is just delightful it will make you come to a sense of peace with grief. But most of all it’s about love. Oh, and finding the right hug for the situation. 

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