Book Review: The Light Between Oceans

By M.L Steadman

Ebook: 362 Pages
Mi Rating: ★★★★ (4.5)

Tom is a WW1 veteran. He is quite an introvert and is obviously affected by what he has seen during his time in the War. (We now know this as PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder).

One hundred and sixty kilometers away off the southwest coast of Western Australia on Janus Island is a lighthouse.

When an opening for a replacement lighthouse keeper comes up. Tom decides to take on the isolating job.

During a visit back to the main shore to obtain supplies, he meets and falls in love with Isobel.

Taking on another term of lighthouse duties, Tom takes his new wife to the isolating world of Janus Island.

Years later, after two miscarriages and a still-born Isobel is in the depths of what we now know is PND (postnatal depression).

Then one day a dinghy washes up onshore. Inside a dead man, and a baby.

In the light between two oceans we witness two worlds, two families collide over the love of a child.

It’s about love, forgiveness and will make you question right and wrong.

Mi Reading Challenge: A Best Seller

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