46 Thoughts on Run to Paradise

It’s 46km from home to Paradise (specifically the hall/church).

There are lots of thoughts and emotions that happen when you are out on the road for 46km.

Which is why the “Running a marathon as told by emoji’s” is funny and true.

For a bit of fun, I thought I would give you 46 random thoughts on my journey to Paradise.

Run To Paradise

  1. Why does the first kilometer have to be uphill?
  2. Ooh, this downhill is nice. Wait keep it easy, you still have 44km to go
  3. That’s a nice picture. Oh, wait, my phone is off (turned off to conserve battery).
  4. Chell just passed me, I wonder where she is off too.
  5. Wait, she is going to Naomi’s.
  6. *Sounds of Black & White Choughs* Hi Chuffies.
  7. *Honk, Honk*. Waves to Naomi (& Chell), as they drive past me.
  8. Gez, the road out to Navarre is busy. Must be a footy game.
  9. How would you pronounce this name MELLOUGA? Is it Mel-lou-ga? Mel-o-ga? Hmm, Interesting, not sure.
  10. Glynwylln, now that’s a street name.
  11. Passes, 37th Parallel
  12. Should get my phone out to message Kayla. Why won’t my phone turn on? God damn it, it’s flat! Well no point turning it on just yet.
  13. Passes, Reynold’s Rds “Hi/Bye kids”
  14. Glad I wore my gloves. Surprised I haven’t taken them off yet.
  15. Wearing a 2nd buff (around neck) was a great decision.
  16. Zoey was right, running on the verge is actually much softer on the feet.
  17. *More sounds of Choughs* Hi Chuffies
  18. *Looks at watch, 5:45 pace* Too fast, back off, you still have a long way to go.
  19. Wow, Greens Creek reserve is a lot further away from Val’s place than I thought.
  20. I can hear a car, where is it coming from? It’s not behind me, and it’s not in front of me. But it’s coming from my left.
    *See’s a car coming from Greens Creek Rd* Oh that’s where you are coming from. Wow the sound does travel.
  21. Half Marathon done in 2h10 ish. I say I’m traveling pretty well.
  22. *Starts Counting*
  23. I wonder how many steps I travel in a kilometer.
  24. 1120 steps
  25. I’ll turn my phone on once I get to 2h30 and start charging it.
  26. Ok, this is where this run really starts.
  27. Naomi passes me (again), a honk and wave.
  28. I’m feeling this hill.
  29. Great now I have a rock in my shoe.
  30. Only 16k to go
  31. Navarre, where the hell are you?
  32. Seriously Navarre, why are you so far away.
  33. *This is who I am – Vanessa Amorosi” Such a good song
  34. My legs are starting to tire now
  35. Navarre????
  36. How am I not in Navarre yet?
  37. I just want to get to Navarre.
  38. *Rings Tom* I’m in Navarre “it’s a bloody long way”.
  39. Homestretch now
  40. It got cold again, gloves are going back on.
  41. Marathon done.
  42. Less than a parkrun to go.
  43. Ooh, this is starting to hurt.
  44. You are nearly there.
  45. *Starts counting again*
  46. I made it!

Post Run

  • Ooh this bubbly is giving me the hiccups
  • Legs so stiff
  • How am I going to get into the car
  • Omg, this souvlaki is amazing
  • (In the car heading home) Wow it’s a long way to Paradise
  • Chaffing is real!
  • Why hello couch

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