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While out running one day, I felt something irritating in my cleavage. I look down and I could see that the wire of my bra was pocking out and was causing some chaffing.

Argh, how annoying I thought, while stuffing the wire back in place, I just hoped my lucky stars that it wouldn’t aggravate me on the rest of my run.

It then got me thinking. When was the last time I replaced my bra? I think it’s time for some tata holder upgrades.

Bra’s, like your running shoes, don’t last forever, and you do need to replace them.

Going shopping for a bra, however, argh what a hassle.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Then I remembered a friend of mine did an online fitting with She Science. If she could put her big girl panties on, I could too.

Living in the country there aren’t very many options to go to an actual store to get fitted for a bra.

She Science knows this and gives you the opportunity to book an online (free) appointment with one of their bra fitting consultants.

With my zoom appointment booked, I checked out the website for bra’s that I liked, and noted them down in my diary.

I also took the time to get my measurements. They also have a guide on how to measure on their site.

On appointment day, I spoke with a lovely consultant and we discussed my needs and budget. She then gave me recommendations and created a wish list.

This wish list was then emailed to me. I could then purchase from the wishlist.

The whole process was super easy and simple, and really took the hassle out of getting the right bra.

Photo by Antonius Ferret from Pexels

With my new purchase in my hot hands a few days later, I was so super impressed with the fit and the quality.

She Science you now have a customer for life.

If you need a new bra, or aren’t sure of your size, book an online fitting with She Science today.

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  1. Yes! Everyone is different, your buddies need to be rested properly so they can get you going without bothering you. This is a good idea! Thanks Tilly✌

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