Random Thinks I Like

Keeping the 18 for 2018 themes going, I thought I would share with you 18 things that I really like.

Some you may already know, some you may even like yourself.

18 Likable Things

.1. Podcasts

Podcasts aren’t for everyone and that’s ok.  If you have never listened to one before, you totally should.

Not too sure where to start?  Start with something you are interested in or you want to learn about.

My favourite podcasts at the moment are:

  • Straight & Curly
  • Kwik Brain
  • The Chalene Show
  • Happier

.2. A cup of tea

Made with real tea leaves.

.3. Australian Animals

Platypus – need I say more

.4. Australian Wildflowers

.5. Reading a good book

.6. Hummus

.7. The smell of the laundry matte

I love the smell of drying cotton.  I also love the smell of sun-dried clothes.

.8. Paul’s Farmhouse Gold – Cream on top

THE Best milk to use for coffee or chai

.9. Singing along to your favourite album

.10. Taking my shoes and socks off at the end of the day

.11. Hugs from my kids

.12. Pear Cider

If I do drink alcohol, this is my go-to drink on hot summer nights

.13. Dad Jokes

You either love them or hate them.  Some are so bad they are good.

.14. Running

I am RunMum, so that is a given

.15. Yoga

For the recovery aspect of running.

.16. Banana’s

.17. Photography

.18. Going to a concerts/theatre

What are some of your likable things?


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