5 Lessons learnt from Running Every Day

When you run every day for 30 days you are bound to learn a few lessons about yourself and what you are capable of.

If you do decide to take on this challenge then here are my recommended tips, or lessons I learned from my RED experience.

.1. Plan

I worked out in advance, when, where, and how long I was going to run for.  I uploaded all my runs, into my watch, so no matter what I knew exactly what I needed to do. All I had to do was press start, and go.

Going on holidays also meant that I checked out Google Maps for possible routes, and scouting running locations helped me to be better prepared.

Setting out all my gear the night before also took out all the guesswork and would mean that I could just roll out of bed in the morning and set out. This meant looking at the weather app to decide what I would need.

.2. Slow Down

When I set this challenge I set some ground rules.

Rule #4 was to stick to my training plan.  That was a given, this meant on my ‘rest’ day I took my run super easy.

This meant keeping my heart rate low (zone 2). It also meant really listening to my body, my breathing, and my mind.

There were days when my easy runs felt really easy yet, I was still running a pace of 6:00 p/k.

Then there were days when my legs felt like were running in wet cement.

Having read Matt Fitzergald’s 80/20 running, the effort became key over time.

.3. Warm-up

It’s easy as a runner, to just strap on your shoes and head out the door.

Taking the time to warm up your body prior to your run, will not only help you perform better while running but will also help prevent injury.

Depending on what type of run I would do would determine what type of warm-up I would do.

If I were running intervals or a tempo session, then my warm-up would be a slow easy pace run for 10 minutes up to 3km.  I’d also include some strides to get those fast-twitching muscle fibers activated.

On recovery days or easy run days, I would do a dynamic warm-up.

Nike Training Club has a fantastic dynamic warm-up that is only 7 minutes, yet it’s a full body routine and has quickly become one of my favourite ways to warm up as all the guesswork has been taken out for you.

.4. Cool down / Mobility

I could count the number of times I’ve finished a run and just jumped in the shower and not done any type of post-workout recovery.

Stretching is one of those things that is all too easily forgotten.

Your body will thank you if you take the time to do a 10-15 minute cool-down.

Not only will it help to prevent injury, but it will also aid in recovery, and increase your mobility.

Again, Nike Training Club has other workouts designed specifically for runners.

If I didn’t choose one of these routines, my cool down would feature a few of my favourite post-run stretches like lizard pose, pigeon pose and everyone’s favourite, downward facing dog.

.5. Have Fun

Setting this goal over my holidays didn’t make it feel like a chore.

If anything I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Make the effort to enjoy your surroundings.  Take the road less travelled, turn left instead of right.  Get lost, I know I did, and it poured down with rain when it happened.

I got to witness some wicked sunrises.

Run with friends, run on your own.

Sure there were days where I felt like ‘Omg why am I even doing this’. Yes, those moments came, but to shift my mindset I would put on my favourite tunes, look up and have my own little dance party, not caring what anyone else thought.

Have you run every day for a month?
If so what did you learn from it?

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