High Five Friday #53

Friday’s in February has meant helping out with school sports.

The kids love it when I can help out. While it’s my day off, I still do it because I enjoy seeing them, and they love seeing me help out too.

Which brings me to this months High Five Friday Hero image.

February Hero Image

This was Miles’ first swimming carnival.

While he is only in grade 4, they still get the kids to participate in readiness for when they become senior students.

He did really well.  He wasn’t focused on speed, more so form.  He really was in his own world.

Still came out with lots of ribbons.

While out running the other day I came to the realization that besides my 2017 edition of Where’s it at, my last Where’s it at post, was back in May 2017!

So I thought it would be fitting to combine it with High Five Friday!

Five Random Words

Dubious – I will be honest and I was dubious about my new training plan for Canberra.  In saying that, I am surprising myself and what I’m capable of.  As they say, the magic happens outside your comfort zone.

Testing – I’ve been testing out recipes for my 18 in 18.  While I am currently enjoying the challenge, I’m still having failures.  I made a chilli con carne recipe last week, and it was way too tomato-y. Will try another recipe for it next week.

Surprised – I do enjoy my audiobooks.

I had been starring at the Luna Chronicles for a good 6 months before I decided to bite the bullet and download it.  It was only 9 hours (6 hours if I listen to it at 1 1/2 speed), so I thought why not.

Well, I’m thoroughly enjoying it.  So much so I’m now onto the last book ‘Winter’.  I’m only 9 chapters in, but oh my, I can’t wait to see it unfold.

Paused – My 2017 training blanket is currently on pause.  I was happily crocheting and got to the end of my wool, not realising that I had no more of that wool left.

The following day I ordered more wool and started another project until the wool arrived.

The wool came.  But I ordered the wrong colour. FAIL!

So more wool had to be ordered.

The wool has (finally) arrived, but I’m now over 60% through Kayla’s watermelon poncho, that I want to finish it before going back to the blanket.

One day it will be finished.

Challenge – I’m in the last few weeks of my 2nd Whole Life Challenge.

The well-being tasks, I’ll be honest have been a bit of a letdown this round.  They have been things that I already do, so that part I haven’t found all that challenging, here’s hoping the last weeks throw a curveball.

Five Links

.1. DIY Energy Gels

Energy gels aren’t for everyone.  I have my own energy gel recipe, which you can find here.

So when I came across this DIY Energy Gels I knew I had to save it to try out the various combinations but to also share it with my followers.

.2. Interval training

If you are a runner wanting to get faster, then interval training is a must in your training plan.

These Interval Training tips from Coach Kate will get you sorted.

.3. Piriformis Stretches

If you suffer from back pain or sciatic pain, then add these 11 stretches to your daily mobility routine.

.4. Foodie

I have to thank Chalene Johnson for this one.  If it were for me watching one of her stories (either on Facebook or Instagram), I would have never found out about this app.

If you love food and love posting food photos to Instagram, then this app is for you! Click the image to download from iTunes —>

.5. Productivity Tips

Want to be more productive this year?

Then Carly has 5 Productivity Tips to totally Rock 2018.

What do you give a high five to this February?

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