Where’s it at? The 2017 Edition

So the other day I was looking for a note on Google Keep. When I stumbled upon my “Where’s it at” note.

It then occurred to me that I have not done a “where’s it at” post in FOREVER.

Since 2017 is/has come to an end, I thought it seem like I good idea to just sum up what this year has been like.


The year started off for me with recovering from an injury, that was caused the year prior.  That meant a return to running program, that saw me go back to basics with run-walk intervals.

My aim was simple, run at an easy pace and build up my base.


Albert Parkrun was my first official ‘race’ event back after being injured. 
I don’t get to Parkrun all that often. The closest Parkrun is now Ararat, but it’s still out of my way, and I’ve been told it’s a 4 lap course.  I’d much rather a there-and-back or loop course.

I’ll get there one day.

Other parkruns I have visited this year are You Yangs, Point Cook, and Wyndham Vale.

The mist was in full force at You Yangs, but you expect that when you visit in Winter.


I have to thank the Whole Life Challenge for this one. It was a habit that still stuck with me.  A simple 10 minutes of mobility, which could be anything from yoga, pilates, stretching, foam rolling etc every day.

This simple act really helped with my recovery, and it’s something I still do today.

In fact, I’ve signed up to do my 2nd Whole Life Challenge.  It starts on 20th Jan 2018.  Nothing like a lifestyle clean-up to give you a kick up the bum.


If it weren’t for audiobooks I don’t think I would have gotten to my reading goal for the year.

I set it at 50, but I have actually surpassed that and have read/listened to 56 books.

Want to know what I’ve read, you can find it here on Goodreads.


Podcasts have also been something that I have thoroughly enjoyed.  More so the last 5 months.

Back in November, I did a blog post on just some of the podcasts I’m listening to.

Here are 5 more for your listening pleasure.


There is no denying I love my trials.  With Surf Coast, Peaks & Trails, SCC100 & Gold Rush, being my goal races for 2017, I have fond memories of them all.


Which brings me to the BEST race photo.  Captured at Gold Rush.

Gold Rush 2017

I took the chance on a jump shot. Totally nailed it.


I’ve been playing a lot with wool this year.

The biggest project to date has been my 365 training blanket. I have just finished blanket 1 (Jan-June), and have just started the 2nd half.

Due to the size of the blanket, I’ve had to split it, as it’s way too big!


We’ve had many family adventures, with day trips, weekends away and of course the annual holiday.


Every year, I create playlists.  Usually seasonal, but this year I just decided to have one playlist and add to it all year long.

Here is my 2017 playlist.

Click on the picture to be taken to my Apple Music playlist.


Since 2017 has come to an end, I thought I would revisit my 2017 One Word intention.

Looking back, I think this word was perfect.

Project 52, really helps to cement that word into the year.

2018, I look forward to what you have to bring me.

What words would you use to describe your 2017 life?

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