Ultimate Running Date #40

With September well and truly behind us it’s time to catch up for our monthly running date.

After Surf Coast Century I went on holiday for 2 weeks, it was a much-needed holiday, that we all needed as a family.

Which is one of the reasons why this catch-up is so late.

August was a key training month, but it also saw me catch a virus that the first week of September.

This meant my last long training run before Surf Coast would be the 16km club run. 

My plan prior to getting unwell was to run this at (road) race pace.  Anywhere from 4:55 to 5:10.

Instead, I decided to keep my pace easy and reassess my running after each 4km lap.

I finished the 16km in a respectable time of 1h28m / 5:33 pace.

Now for the biggest event for 2017 Surf Coast Century.

Well, it was epic and I loved it.  Check out my race review here if you haven’t already done so.

While on holidays I also participated in the Camel to Club run.  It involves beach running, but the sand was super soft and just plain awful. If I ever do this again, I’ll choose the 5km option (which removes the beach section).

September Running Statistics

Distance – 109km
Total Hours – 13
Longest Distance 
– 29.6 km
Number of Activities 
– 16

Overall Running Statistics

Total Running Distance – 1036 km
Monthly Average – 115.11 km
2017 Kilometre Prediction – 1381 km

October see me having a rest from long runs until the next phase of training begins for Gold Rush Run.

See you next month, Happy Running!

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