Project 52 – Week 33

Tom and I joked about this particular club run.  I missed the week prior as I had to work.

Now it was Tom’s turn to miss it (he does the photography), as he was meeting up with a work colleague.

Of course, I had to go win the club run, on the day he was away.

Week 33 – Club Run Win

I’ve won on this track before.  It has a mix of everything.  Grass, 2wd track and hills. All the things you experience as a trail runner.

All my long training runs were complete, so while I had run the day before it was an easy 10km run, with only 100m of elevation rather than 600m.

I also wore my trail shoes.  As we had some rain the day prior I knew the grass sections would be sloshy and sloshy they were.

It’s just as well I didn’t win the raffle.  It was a massive cake, I had run to the start line, that would have been super awkward to carry home.

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