Why Who & Where of Getting Pro Fitted

The running scene has definitely changed in the last ten years.

I use to be the type of person that could not justify $100 on a pair or running shoes.

RunMumButtonNow, I have no issue with it.

While a $20 pair of shoes may work for some people it doesn’t work for everyone.

I use to have one pair of shoes dedicated for exercise.  So running, walking, cross training and so forth.

discover-dunkeld-8It wasn’t until I started to run more that I realise the importance of having shoes just for running.

When I got fitted for my first shoes, I just went to the local sports store and tired on shoes there until I found a pair that I liked on my feet, felt good, and also didn’t break the bank.

As the kilometres started to pile up, and I was going further I thought it would be best to get professionally fitted.

But where, who and why should I get professionally fitted for shoes?


No two feet are the same.  In fact your left foot will be different from your right foot.

Here are some reasons why you should be pro fitted for your next running shoes:

  • Get a video analysis of your running gait on a treadmill
  • Get professional advice from a technician that is also a runner
  • Get correctly fitted for your foot type

Who & Where

There are many companies that do pro fitting. These are the ones that I have been to.

Check your sate as well, as there are many companies (including podiatrists that also do fittings).

Other Things to Remember

If you do decide to get professionally fitted for shoes then I totally recommend the following.

  • Wear your current running shoes, and socks.
    ~ By looking at your shoes, they will be able to determine your foot strike.
  • Wear shorts/leggings
    ~ It will make running on the treadmill easier
  • Go in the afternoon
    ~ Your feet swell, so best to get them fitted when they will be at their biggest.

Have you been pro fitted for running shoes?
How often do you replace your running shoes?


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