High Five Friday #29

I have not taken a lot of pictures lately.  Might have to do another 100HappyDays Project to fix that. Can you believe it’s been over a year since that project? Seriously where has the time gone? Must get myself organised so I can tackle this project again.

Five Pictures

  1.  It was Grand Parents day on 11th November (in conjunction with Remembrance / Veterans Day), and the school ask the Grand Parents of the Prep to Grade 2 kids to come to visit the school. Miles asked Di & Gray to come (Tom and I also visited as well).  During the visit, we played a game called roll a Grandpa.  You had to roll a die and whatever number you got was a part of the Grandpa you had to draw. This is Mile’s drawing, isn’t it fabulous?  This one is going to get framed for sure.
  2. Had to split my long run into two sessions as I was unable to run it on the weekend due to family commitments.  Got to love a runrise.
  3. Kayla had her ballet concert recently, and I once again took the official portraits for the girls.  Gosh, I can’t believe how much she has grown.
  4. A new cafe/provedore has opened in Halls Gap called Harvest.  We went there for breakfast, and I had myself a chai tea in this dainty tea cup set.
  5. Ran part of the Wonderland Run as a training run in preparation for Afterglow. Let me tell you, I was walking like an old lady for a few days afterwards.

Five Blogging Links

Since participating in Kristy’s Blog Hop I thought I would post some blogging tips that have really helped me.

  1. Five Reasons I didn’t read your Blog
    My biggest pet peeve is those pop-up subscriptions, especially for the blogs that I regularly visit or am already subscribed to.  It’s a turn-off.
  2. How to write an About Me Page
    About Me, pages tend to get neglected and should get updated at least once a year.  Yes, I will be updating mine soon.
  3. SEO for Blog Images
    Images are just important as the keywords, yet are often neglected.  Sarah from Sweet Miles easily explains why and how to do SEO for the images on your blog.
  4. How to Simplify Your Blog
    This one is a podcast. Seriously download it and listen.
  5. When Blogging Gets Hard
    Found this one from Christine in her recent High Five Friday, and I must say I could totally relate.

What do you give a high five to this Friday?

3 thoughts on “High Five Friday #29”

  1. My pet peeve is having to put one of those letter things in when you want to post a comment, and half the time you can’t read or interpret the letters anyway because they are wonky. I’m going to have to completely redesign mine, for some reason my photos won’t centre any more, they do on the preview but once I publish nope. It’s driving the centric me crazy!

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