High Five Friday #27

Happy Friday Everyone. Can we have a high five, cause it’s been a smashing week in this household?

This is starting to get crazy here, I can feel it, and it’s only going to get crazier!

Just this weekend went we had the Melbourne Marathon, with loads of my running friends competing and getting personal bests.  On the other hand, I was getting my mud on at Tough Mudder.  I totally earned my Yellow (4-6 TM) headband.

Five Pictures

  1. The view I got to take in on my trail run this week.
  2. The new addition to the family.  Slick aka Silk.
  3. Earned my 4th Tough Mudder headband.
  4. Me before the race.  I lost my green headband on “king of the swingers”, but I was able to get a replacement.  Yay!
  5. Killa Gorilla, the view was well worth the 30% grade ascent.

Five Links

  1. 5 Balancing Poses
    If you suffer from sore ankles, then balancing poses will help to strengthen them.
    Balancing poses will help you to become more centred and focused, and in turn, make you relaxed.
  2. 3 Stretches if you love thongs/flip-flops
    With summer upon us in Australia the thongs/flip-flops are coming out.  Personally, I don’t really wear my thongs.  I much prefer sandals.
    But for those of you that do love your flip-flops, these 3 stretches will ensure you don’t end up with hammer-toe.
  3. Big Butts, Loose Shoulders, and Other Runner Adaptations
    Proof that we were designed to run.
  4. Things to keep in mind when you date a runner
    Er yes, I agree with them all.
  5. Being Fit is
    One from the archives.  What I define as being fit.

What do you give a high five to this week?

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