2014 Goal Reflection

Yesterday I spoke about the goals I want will achieve in 2015.  But what about 2014?  How did my goals for the year go?

Well lets look back.


✘ Spartan Race

Unfortunately didn’t happen due to getting a really bad case of tonsillitis (read more about it here).

I would still love to volunteer at another event.  However as the 2nd 2014 was cancelled due to location and CFA (fire) issues this never happened.

I have signed up for the event in 2015, but it will be the super (14km) and not the sprint (7km).

✓ Trail Races

✓ Sub 22min 5km

Totally smashed this one at one of the SAAC club runs – Andrew Darnell Memorial.

✓ Paid off my HECS

HECS is my student loan.  It’s finally paid off.  Taken a long time, but I had kids, and wasn’t working, so I was only paying back a small amount, but those small amounts pay off in the end.

✓ I’m working Part Time

This was my main goal for the year.  And as of September 2014, I got a part time job at the local supermarket.

✘ Extensions

We are still finalising them. Taking longer than expected, but you can’t rush something like this. They are still coming along, and I’m really loving the changes we have made.

Work will start once we are able to increase the home loan, and that wont happen until I’ve been working for at least 6 months.  So bring on March 2015.

and  Kids & Gluten Free

Miles is pretty much Gluten free now. He still occasionally has wheat stuff, but not as much as before.

Kayla well she’s another story, but in saying that, she eats better than most. Wish she’d listen and eat more protein.

and  Books

I honestly don’t remember writing 70 books on my list.  I did get to 65, which I still think is impressive.  You can read what I read here.

As for the non fiction books I only ended up reading 19, some of those cookbooks, and some short ebook/articles. Not exactly 30, but I’m happy with the result all the same.

✓ Run 1000km

For the 3rd year in a row, smashed this one out too.

I achieved the 1000km back in November.

Want to know what I got for the entire year? Well you’ll have to wait until tomorrow, when I do my monthly Ultimate Coffee Date Link up.

The other goals

Are still a work in progress.  I haven’t forgotten about them, and they are still important to me, but just like a domino, they will get completed when goal surrounding them gets completed.

How about you did you achieve your goals for 2014?

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