The Ultimate Coffee Date

Welcome to the first Ultimate Coffee Date for 2015!

So go grab a hot drink sit down and relax and join in.

As it’s roasting how here (40c / 104f) I’m going with an iced coffee.

Wow what a year 2014 has been, with lots of ups and downs.

2014 Running Report

2014 Mi smashrunThanks to smashrun for compiling this breakdown for me.  How cool is it?!

December has been my best running month to date with a new monthly record of 147.7km! That totally crushes my previously top month back in July, which was only 110km.  Go Me! I’m super wrapped about that.

I’ve also started a new training plan curtsey of  They have fully custom-made training plans suited to your ultimate goal.

Yes I’ve followed plans before, but loosely.  This time around I’m going to follow the plan, trust in the plan, and get my goal and crush it.

One Million Steps

Back in June I started a 1 million steps challenge. The object of the challenge was to walk, hop, skip, jump, run, or do any other type of movement for 100 days.  The goal being to reach 10,000 steps every day in that 100 day period, totalling 1 million steps by the end of the challenge. You can read more about how my first round went here.

I decided to do another round to see if a change in season would effect the my results.

Oh boy was I right. With warmer weather, I was out running and walking more.

Also I started working part time, and my job involves a lot of walking and standing around. This all added to my step goal.

From the 22nd September 2014 to 31st December 2014, I clocked 1,323,548 steps.  That’s an average of 13235 steps a day.

My 1 million steps were achieved by the 6th December. 25 days ahead of schedule.

21 Day Sugar Detox

January also brings me to my first every 21 day sugar detox.

Now I’ve done whole30’s before.  You can read about them here, here or even here. So why a sugar detox?

21dsdjan15Well it’s to get those sugar cravings under control. I don’t want to be a slave to sugar.

Did you know that sugar is just as bad as having a cocaine addiction?! Upworthy wrote a fantastic infographic on it.

I plan on doing level 3, with energy modifications because I’m a runner and athlete.  It’s weird saying that, I mean I’m not a pro, but I don’t have to be a ‘pro’ to be an athlete.

It will be a challenge, so I’m just going to take it a day at a time.

If we were sitting down for coffee what would you tell me?
How were your holidays? Did you go anywhere? Do anything special?
Have you done a sugar detox before?

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Coffee Date”

  1. Ooooh for a stat junkie that is awesome seeing your runs data like that. Smashrun huh? Never heard of it. Congrats on the distance, just amazing. (I’m working backwards in the blog posts, have you noticed by the comments) !! We stopped having sugar, well for me two years ago. I guess there is sugar in cooking (hey I’m in the CWA!!!) or eating out that I don’t know about (so I guess I’m not 100 percent clean) but the same as salt, I never use that in my cooking either.

    1. I like smashrun, but it only syncs with garmin, and I don’t use garmin anymore (i’ve switched over to the dark side – polar).
      On today’s run I could have really used the extra boost of a gel or an amazeball. I could tell (and it was only 14km), by around 9km, the apple while working just wasn’t giving me that extra edge.

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