High Five Friday #5

I’m working today, all day.

First up is my volunteer shift at the school canteen.  Once I finish this I’ll be off helping there.  That will finish up around 2 pm.

Then I will be my paid job, at Woolies from 4-10 pm.  It’s going to be a long day, but alas such is life.

It’s still Friday and there are still things to be happy and high-fiving about.

Let’s start with pictures!

Five Pictures


Top Left – Grill’d is an Aussie burger place, and they have been around for 10 years! Wow, I didn’t realise they had been around for so long.  They do great burgers, and I love how you can have your burger bunless which is an added bonus.

So if you are ever in an Australian capital city, def check out Grill’d so totally worth it.

Top Middle – I needed wholegrain mustard for a recipe.  I seriously couldn’t have been bothered making it myself.  So while I was in woolies I picked up this Macro Wholegrain Mustard.  I bought it cause it was bigger and worked out cheaper per 100g.

It wasn’t until I got home that I had a proper look at the ingredients and saw that it was whole30 and paleo approved.  The ingredients, are wholegrain mustard, salt & vinegar. No sugar! Win!

Top Right – A shoe selfie from my run at Dunkeld. It’s a runner thing.

Bottom Left – While in Dunkeld we went to their market, gez I could have bought a lot of stuff. It was just as well I only had $10 on me.  We did pick up some pork from Greenvale Farms.

Wow just amazing! Seriously this pork is just beautiful.  Well worth the price tag, and I will definitely buy from them again.

We bought pork tenderloins and coated them with Mount Zero Olives dukkah.  All I can say is DROOL.

Bottom Right – Kayla has been nagging me to finish her cape.  Yesterday I finally finished it.  I left it on her bed, as I was at work by the time she finished school.

Tom sent me this photo, which I saw while on my dinner break.

She looks so happy and cute.  But she also looks dorky with her school shoes on.  Oh well she’s my girl and I still love her.

Five Links

1. I didn’t make a note of how I came across this website – Run it Fast.
But it’s a website for any runner.  From half marathoner to ultra marathoner.  They are based in the US, but they have lots of different articles and some great information.

2. When I changed to a Paleo/Primal way of eating I discovered that the macro’s of 40/40/30 really worked for me.  I was shocked to discover that I simply was not eating enough protein.  Once I learned more about the importance of protein things really changed for me.
Not long ago I came across this article from Mark’s daily apple, and it reaffirmed all the reasons why protein is awesome, and why you properly aren’t getting enough. You can read it here – 12 signs you need to eat more protein.

3. I’m a huge reader, and my kids love reading too.  When a friend shared this on Facebook I fell in love with it straight away. The author teaches kids that words have meaning and that you don’t need pictures to tell a good story.

4. Hello Healthy is the blog for MyFitnessPal.  This article was too good not to share How to think like a Winner, it’s all about the mindset.

5. Earlier on in the year I was hit with tonsillitis hard.  It made me realise the importance of recovery.  So when one of the girls on the RMA forum on Facebook posted this article on Marathon Recovery, I had to share it with my readers. Don’t deny yourself the recovery.  You need it, and you want it.

What would you like to high-five this week?

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