Product Review: Kinvara 4

There is a town west of Horsham (Australia, not UK), called Kaniva. I tell you this because that’s what I keep calling these shoes.

All my shoes have some sort of nickname.  Kaniva just seemed fitting for my birthday shoes the Sacuony Kinvara 4’s.
As a runner, you just know when it’s time to get new shoes.  It has been roughly a year and approx 700km later that I figured it was time to retire* my Brooks Pure Cadence2.


I was really impressed with the service that was provided to me at The Running Company Geelong, so that’s where I decided to go again to get fitted for my new shoes.

It was pure chance that I got fitted for the Kinvara’s.  I was coming off the treadmill after trying on a pair of New Balance shoes (which were ill-fitting around the heal, even using the lock lace technique), when I asked:

“What are the Kinvara’s like, I have a friend who loves these shoes”.

So that’s how it came about me trying on these shoes.

Jeremy who was my consultant on the day was fantastic.  Seriously I can’t fault the service from TRC.  It was a busy Saturday, but all the staff there were extremely helpful, informative, and patient.


There is no doubt that TRC follows its philosophy of “Listen, Observe, Advice”.  Jeremy listened to my running history, noted my concerns with each shoe I tried on and didn’t push me to buy the “flashy-ish, trendy-ish, expensive shoe”, which is stereotypical of a nonspecialist running company. At the end of the day, I walked ran away with the best shoe for my needs and wants but most importantly the best fitting shoe for my feet.


Run Type – Natural
Heel Toe Drop – 4mm
Weight – 218g (size 9)
Price – From AU$109

Jason Fitzgerald of Strength Running describes (in my opinion) The Kinvara 4’s in the best possible way.

The Kinvara 4 is labelled a “performance neutral” running shoe which means that it’s sold to folks who fit a particular profile: efficient runners who are light, favour faster running, and are able to train in a minimalist running shoe.

When I first tried on these shoes they felt like a pair of old faithfuls.  My foot and these shoes go together like salt and pepper, or bacon and eggs.

The Kinvara’a definitely is like an old friend.  Do you know the type of friend you’ve had for years and years, and can pick up your conversation from where you left off? Yeah, that’s me and these shoes.

There is no denying that this shoe is my racing shoe.

They are lightweight & comfortable, but gives me the support that I need when I run.

With a flexible upper design and it’s new PowerGrid technology it gives a smoother transition/ride.

The shoe has a natural feel with room in the toe box.

If you are looking for a minimalist natural running shoe, then do consider the Kinvara’s for your next purchase.


* – When I say retire, I mean from long runs. These shoes still have some wear left, so they will be used for shorter runs, and general walking and or gardening. There aren’t any tears in the shoe, just worn on the inside. I’m retiring them as they don’t have as much cushioning as they use to. and I’m really noticing that on my fast runs or my long slow runs.

5 thoughts on “Product Review: Kinvara 4”

  1. I used to love Saucony, I mean love! For a time almost 10 years I didn’t buy a different brand. However, a few years back when the “minimalist” craze came in, and they switched my favorite show into a lower drop, and it caused me pain within a month and I had to retire those. Then another pair I bought of all the luck I had the gel pop in a marathon, arghh I know it was a total fluke, but after that I came home and dumped Saucony.
    I know they make awesome shoes, and I will likely go back to them in the future. In fact I personally think their shoes can get more miles out of them than other brands. So we shall see.
    I’m glad you found a pair you love! Nothing better than being in the right shoe for your body, and loving the way it makes you feel when you run:) So sorry for he novel!

  2. Those are definitely some snazzy sneakers! I will have to ask about them the next time I am fitted. I am running in Asics right now and I really like them but I am not brand loyal yet! Nice review!

  3. Loving the Kanivas! bwahahaha They not only look efficient but pretty too, double bonus. Love TRC, Such great service. Now … don’t forget to take them to your next race, you hear 😉

    1. They actually came with purple shoe laces. But because I do the lock lace lacing system I need shoe laces that are a bit longer.
      I got given some #sweatpink shoe laces, that are 10cm longer in length, so I decided to put them on my “kiniva’s” and they work a treat.
      They are my racing shoe, so light, I love them. And yes, I wont be forgetting my shoes again, that’s for sure.

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