SAAC Race Recap – S&K Watson

In 2012 I won this race and set a new 5km PB (personal best) with a time of 23:43.

Then in 2013 I went and did it again winning this race with a new 5km PB in a time of 22:44.

Each week Tom & I discuss who we think is going to win. Tom said to me.  I thought yes that would be awesome, winning this race 3 years in a row would be fantastic, but I ended up tipping Gary S.  He’s been running really well lately and has had a few podium places in the last few weeks.

First up of course was the sub-juniors.  This week they were running 2km.  This distance is far for Miles, so I knew going slow, walking, and taking it easy was the best plan.  I made sure I had his puffer on hand.

He did fantastically.  He didn’t come first (I expected that), but he did it, he hasn’t run 2km since last year.  He gave his best, and that’s what matters.


Kayla also ran, but she made the mistake of going too fast at the start, and she ended up with a side stitch.  She tells me she has learned her lesson, we’ll see.

My handicap time for this 5km event was 10 minutes.  I made a mental note of Gary’s handicap time, which was only 3 mins.  He had a 7 minute lead on me.

I love this course.  I love it because it has a bit of everything.  It’s not flat but does have a gradual uphill climb and then a gradual descent.  The track also varies, from granite sand to dirt road to dirt track.  Some parts are also technical, so I can say it’s part trail-ish.

I ran pretty solid from the start.  I was happy with my pace. After 1km I noted that my pace was 4:30, I was impressed, that was a good time. I didn’t feel like I was going super fast, as I wanted to keep some energy left in the tank.

Having runners ahead of you is a good motivator. On Janae’s Blog her slogan is “It’s rude to count people as you pass them… out loud”.  I may have not been counting out loud but I was counting down the runners as I was passing them.

When I got to a mile left in the race I thought to myself, gee I may get it, I may come in first. I had now passed Bobby, which meant I was now in 3rd place. Then I gained on Selina and passed her to be put into 2nd place.  Approximately 100-200 further ahead I could see Gary.  I knew with the amount of distance left I wouldn’t pass him, and I was ok with that, but I still did my best to gain on him.

As I said before I was running pretty solid, and I was feeling great.  I may not have crossed the line in 1st place (that went to Gary), but I did cross in 2nd with a new personal best of 22:29!

That marks 3 years of the same track and a new pb each time.  Feeling pretty proud of myself really.

What’s your favourite course?
When did you set your last pb?
Any running goals you want to achieve?

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